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British/American Translations

uisgich is visiting from Britain, so she and I came up with a list of terms that instantly identify an author as either British or American. I'm sure some people can add other things.

British American
en suite master bath
bench counter, counter top
lounge living room, den, great room, parlor (depends on the house)
"I'm going to university" "I'm going to school" or "I'm going to college"
is all that's all
"aren't you meant to be" "aren't you supposed to be"
jumper sweater (jumpers are what cute girls under age 6 wear)
budge over move over, scoot over, skooch over
trainers sneakers, tennis shoes, tennies
garden yard
whilst while
tin can
marking grading
blagged shoplift
numeracy math, mathematics
rubber eraser
condom rubber
tick check
holiday vacation
biscuit cookie
trolley (although in some parts of the UK, this may refer to underwear) grocery cart
pub bar
lift elevator
porridge oatmeal
garage gas station
flat apartment
cornet cone
polo lifesaver
tube subway
mobile cell phone
note bill
crisps potato chips, chips
chips french fries

Edit: Additional terms provided by faramir_boromir
Tags: americanisms, britishisms
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